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How can I pay for my order?

There are 4 different ways that you can pay for your order, depending on what is convenient for you

  1. Cash On Delivery
  2. Credit / Debit Card
  3. PayPal
  4. Bank Deposit

What currency will I be charged in?

    You will be charged in Thai Baht (THB). For international transactions, you will be charged the conversion rate plus any additional fees set by your bank. We do not convert currencies or add any additional fees for international customers.


    Can I change my payment method after the order is placed?

      Credit / Debit and Paypal payments cannot be changed once the order has been placed unless the payment was declined. For Cash on Delivery orders that you wish to change to Credit / Debit card or Paypal, please contact our customer care team who will guide you through the process.


      Cash on Delivery

        How does Cash on Delivery work?
        Cash on Delivery is a simple, hassle-free way of paying for your order. By selecting Cash on Delivery at checkout, you won’t need to pay anything until you actually receive your order. Once your order is placed, our shipping company will call to arrange a time and date that you will be able to receive your order. Someone will then need to be available at the shipping address at the time specified to sign and pay for the package in cash. You will receive a receipt for your payment along with your products.

        If I am not in, can someone else pay when the order is delivered?
        Yes, another friend or family member in the household can sign and pay for the order when it arrives.

        Can international customers pay with Cash on Delivery?
        At the moment, only customers in Thailand can pay via the Cash on Delivery service. International customers can still pay normally via Credit / Debit card or PayPal.


        Credit / Debit Card

          Is it safe to use my credit / debit card on your site?
          We use a secure 128-bit SSL encryption secured by GeoTrust in our payment system. This ensures the highest security for your payment details. You can see the transaction is secure if you can see the padlock icon in your browser window. Your card details are passed directly to your bank and are not stored anywhere by MISS MODERN You can rest assured that with each purchase your credit card or bank account information will be secured.

          Something went wrong with my computer when processing the payment. How can I know if it went through or not? 
          All successful transactions are followed up by a confirmation email in your inbox. You can also view all orders and their statuses under My Account > My Orders. Read more about Order Tracking here.

          What can I do if my payment is declined?
          There may be a number of reasons why your payment was not successful. In the case that you receive an email stating that your payment was declined, please contact our customer care team who will help identify the problem.

          When will I be charged? If your card is authorized, payment will be taken immediately, and you will receive an email confirming that your order has been successful. If your card is not authorized, payment will not be taken, and we'll email to let you know your bank or card issuer wouldn't authorize the payment. Please remember that even if a payment isn't authorized, it may look like MISS MODERN has still taken the money as some card issuers may still reserve the money for a short period of time.



            What is PayPal?
            PayPal helps people and businesses accept and make payments in more than 100 different currencies and withdraw money from their PayPal accounts to their bank accounts in 57 different currencies. People and businesses can also hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 26 different currencies. One advantage of using the PayPal payment method is that it offers faster, safer and easier checkouts and promises to protect customers from revealing their credit card and other financial information to the merchant.  

            What do I do if I have questions about my PayPal account? 
            You may contact the PayPal customer service here.

            When are funds transferred out of my PayPal account for my order? 
            PayPal withdraws money from your PayPal account immediately after checkout. If the balance is lower than the total payment, PayPal offers credit products or the option to pay from your bank account or a credit card. Customers who do not have a PayPal account at this point will need to use a valid credit card to complete the payment. For detailed information, customers can contact PayPal customer service.


            Bank Deposit

              For Customer who have a local Thai Bank account, you can transfer your deposit to our bank using the following information: 


              Siam Commercial Bank (SCB): 171-273386-4

              - Account Name: Rungravee Kattamarasre 

              Kasikorn Bank (KBANK): 004-1-76748-0

              - Account Name: Rungravee Kattamarasre


              Your order will be pending until your transaction has been confirmed.

              After you have made the deposit, Please confirm by one of the following methods:

              1) Fill in the form at 

              2) Send a screenshot to our Line: @missmodern (with@)

              3) Send an email to